Rent bin Calgary 

Need a bin? 

Call 1-403-397-5865 now 
Who is the one company that will deliver a cheap bin?
Answer 397-junk

You called us about a bin? That means you called the right place for the right price!

Yes. When you call on the phone you won’t just get background noise!!
Tell us that you Saw our ad for rent bin on Kijiji. 
Ok. Do u need one bin or maybe a series of them? Of coarse you do. 
Are you wondering how to get the best deal on bin rentals?
 12 yard bin for $150, and no additional charges? That’s right!!
The Answer is yes!!!

It’s true. 
Landfill charges are weight cost to dump waste.
 Yes but of coarse that’s still the best price out there!!!!
Are you demolishing your deck, renovation, roof, household waste, construction site?
Call us first!!!!!
Our policy is holding a waste management container up to 30 days max. 
Get in touch with us for your next project. 
You will thank us for getting you the best deal possible. There is no better best deal offered anywhere in Calgary alberta. 
Call now for your best deal renting a garbage bin dumpster!!



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