Need a bin?
Dump bin at the dump 
BIN Dumped to 

Waste dump 
$160 plus $no/day rental on weekdays 

Weekend Rental
$180 plus $no per day rental

No to 10% fuel surcharge.

Landfill tipping fees are determined by weight. 
long-term rentals available. Call 403-397-5865

Payless Disposal is a Calgary Alberta born company.
It is 100% locally owned and has “Bin” in operation since 2003.
397-JUNK? is a well established company with roll off bin trucks and garbage bins to serve Calgary’s Waste Removal needs.
Payless Disposal is committed to providing you the customer with the finest Calgary junk removal and garbage Bin service in the industry.
When Calgary requires garbage removal you can depend on us to provide fast and efficient service.
We provide:
    * Calgary Roll Off Waste Bins Rentals

    * Calgary Junk Removal

    * Junk Car Removal Calgary

    * Bins Calgary

    * Trash Bins Calgary

    * Junk Removal Calgary

    * Waste Removal

    * Garbage Removal

    * Roll Off Bins Calgary
Payless Disposal removes:
    * Single couches

    * Carports

    * Renovation debris

    * Tear outs

    * Sewer back up waste

    * Garages

    * Clutter

    * Sheds

We provide Bin service to:
    * Home construction

    * Home renovation 

    * Private consumer markets

    * Large development projects
Our Calgary Waste bin rental containers are suitable for a multitude of waste disposal needs such as:
    * New construction waste

    * Renovation debris

    * Roof strip offs

    * General rubbish

    * Accumulated household junk

    * Waste disposal

    * Recycling

    * Calgary dense Waste materials

    * Concrete

    * Gravel

    * Sod

    * Dirt
 Our rates are up front and easy to understand.
397-JUNK? is ready to take on anything regarding waste disposal Calgary related so you don’t have to.
With 13 years experience, you are getting nothing less than professional service.
Payless Disposal is a fully compliant waste removal company in Calgary, providing WCB insurance for all it’s members.
397-JUNK? carries liability insurance for hauling commercial waste bins and providing Calgary Junk Removal.
Payless is a legal carrier that is licensed, registered and insured to haul waste disposal containers in Calgary and within Alberta.
Payless employs outstanding staff.
Our laborers wear safety gloves and steel toed boots on every job.
Payless Disposal operates modern Calgary waste Removal equipment to minimize potential downtime to the company and customer.
Payless Disposal knows that a customer is not just a number, they are the heart and soul of our Calgary Garbage storage container business.
We hope you enjoyed this website and choose 397-JUNK? for all your Junk Removal and Bin Service needs.
Our services include Calgary and surrounding areas, so call us if you have any questions about renting a bin in or outside of Calgary!
Payless Disposal has served thousands Calgary customers in the past 13 years and we would love to help you Pay Less!


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