Rent bin pro Calgary Alberta waste management Calgary junk removal and demolition bins 

Need a bin?
Super Savings from Rent Bin!
Construction Bin Rental for $348 All-in
This price includes:



Dumping Fees up to 1 Ton, 

Fuel, and 

Bin Rental
Call 1-403-397-5865 now!
 Save on Disposal offers for front-end bins and for waste disposal and cardboard recycling.
RECYCLING Savings to help you Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. 
Our savings and value representitive can help you find a plan for waste disposal that works for you.
Rent Bin is built on clean, efficient service and very competitive pricing. Our ability to provide savings and value has satisfied thousands of customers in a variety of industries since 2003.
Rent Bin prides itself on efficient service. Our goal is that our customers’ needs and expectations are consistently met. We set high service standards. We offer top-quality, well-maintained roll off trucks and bins. 
Garbage Bin Rentals

Construction Bin Rentals

Waste Recycling

Organics Recycling

savings and value



Call Us Today: 

Call 1-403-397-5865 now!


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